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Launch Your Digital Art Career with Procreate Workshop

Our Launch Your Digital Art Career with Procreate Workshop aims to introduce you to the fundamentals of Procreate and transform your digital canvas into a source of income.


Demystify digital art creation and learn how to monetize your art in our Launch Your Digital Art Career with Procreate Workshop

If you’re stepping into the digital art world for the first time, you might feel overwhelmed by the complexity of Procreate’s features. Furthermore, you’re uncertain about how to kickstart the sale of your digital art, or lack confidence in your ability to produce market-ready digital artworks.

Our workshop offers you a gentle introduction to Procreate. We will guide you through your first artwork creation, and equip you with the tools you need to start your digital art journey on the right foot.

About the Launch Your Digital Art Career with Procreate Workshop

This workshop covers the A-Z of starting with Procreate and explore effective ways to prepare your art for sale, how to set up an online portfolio, and simple marketing strategies to get your work noticed.

What to expect?

Workshop Outline

  • Overview of Procreate features
  • Setting up your workspace
  • Basic navigation and gesture controls
  • Brushes and advanced brush customization
  • Layers and blending modes
  • Using the selection tool and transform tool effectively
  • Colour theory and application in Procreate
  • Sketching techniques in Procreate
  • From sketch to final art – a step-by-step process
  • Incorporating text and effects into your artwork
  • Finalizing your artwork for print
  • Digital optimization for online platforms
  • Packaging your digital files for sale
  • Introduction to different monetization paths (commissions, digital products, print-on-demand, licensing)
  • Setting up an online store and product listings
  • Marketing your artwork online
  • Pricing your work and understanding your market
  • Developing a personal brand as an artist
  • Social media and content strategy for artists
  • Networking and community engagement
  • Legal considerations and copyright basics

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Course Instructor

Elinur Anuwar

Elinur is a creative professional dedicated to helping businesses elevate their brand presence and connect with their target audience in meaningful ways. She uses Procreate almost on a daily basis to conceptualise client projects and her own digital artworks to put up for sale.


Absolutely, this workshop is tailor-made for individuals who are new to Procreate and digital art. We start with the basics, such as navigating the app’s interface and utilizing its key tools, ensuring you gain the confidence to create your very first piece of digital art. Our step-by-step guidance means you don’t need any prior experience to join and thrive in this workshop.

To fully participate in the workshop, you’ll need an iPad with the latest version of Procreate installed and an Apple Pencil. These tools will allow you to engage in hands-on activities and practice the techniques being taught. No prior digital art experience is required, just your enthusiasm and readiness to learn!

The workshop is designed as a one-day intensive learning experience, lasting approximately 6 hours. We’ve structured the day to include a mix of instructional sessions, hands-on practice, and Q&A periods. Breaks are integrated throughout the day to ensure you remain energized and focused, maximizing your learning experience.

Yes, one of the core benefits of this workshop is the personalized attention and feedback provided to each participant. Our instructors are dedicated to answering your questions, offering advice, and giving constructive feedback on your work. This personalized approach ensures that you can grow and develop your skills effectively throughout the workshop.

Absolutely! We understand the importance of ongoing learning and support in the journey of mastering digital art. After the workshop, you will gain access to exclusive resources, including video tutorials, guides, and a private online community where you can connect with fellow artists, share your work, and receive continuous support and inspiration.

Our workshop is uniquely designed to not only teach you how to use Procreate but also to guide you through the process of monetizing your artwork. From setting up your online portfolio to understanding the nuances of selling prints and digital downloads, we cover essential strategies for making your art profitable. Additionally, we delve into marketing tactics to help you effectively promote your work, ensuring you have a comprehensive toolkit to start generating income from your passion.

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